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I was sold a defective engine along with a 3yr/30000 mile warranty from SouthWest Engines (aka Engine & Transmission World and GoTo Engines). The engine failed in less than one month.

I provided all of the proof they required to return it, but after requesting reimbursement on the labor for the installation and removal, I was informed my warranty was never activated. Even before the engine died, I wrote to them on numerous occasions asking them to send me the warranty I paid for, but was completely ignored. I finally had to print the warranty they have online. I was never informed until AFTER I sent the information regarding the faulty engine, did they even speak of the so-called activation of the warranty.

There were two phone calls and over 30 emails regarding this engine, but NEVER once was this "activation" discussed. Why didn't he ask me if I activated it before fighting with me over the reimbursement for over a month? It's quite obvious they give you the run around until they finally give you this excuse. Apparently when it's too late or they have run out of reasons to honor the warranty.

I can not believe SouthWest Engines is still in business after all of the people that have been scammed by them. It dickens me to know crooks like this keep getting away with this kind of fraud.

There are so many complaints against them that it's incredible. Something needs to be done.

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Hello, My name is Ken, and I just like the rest of you have been taken by SW engines!

I have contacted the Wisconsin Attorney General's office (who has two speeds, slow and stop), even the Attorney General's office in my home state of Kentucky. I contacted the action news, better business bureau, numerous rip off / scam reports online and I even had my credit card cancel the charges only to finally lose that battle.

All to no avail!

Which sucks for enginetransmissionworld / southwest engines because I was going to drop it and take the loss of having a defective engine $2K, installed into my car for $2K, and the loss of my auto $7K, now sitting dormant on my driveway and having to purchase a new car 20K. Not to mention rental cars, towing and inconvenienced.

But, after losing my 3rd credit card appeal (where I would have recouped only the 2K from SWE) I'm reinvigorated!

I am seeking advice from anyone else who has insight into my situation.

Does anyone know of anyone successfully accomplishing anything? I.e. lawsuit, protest, etc.?

Does anyone know of any attorneys who are experienced / knowledge of enginetransmissionworld / southwest engines and their practices? I was told by the Wisconsin Attorney General's office that he heard of one person getting satisfaction by using youtube. Does anyone know who that person is?

Please help! sincerely, Ken Please contact the Wisconsin Attorney General's office (608) 224-5012 for my contact info.

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