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Delivery of my engine took almost 5 weeks which put me in a jam with my mechanic having my truck taking up space in bis shop, then when i called to see why, they said it will be there today, and would not tell me why late, then just hung up ,unbelievable terrible customer service, i will not do business with them again. Read more

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I have only had the pleasure of dong business with this company just once and I will never do it again. Avoid this company at ALL costs!! Sell a kidney or your firstborn child before you trust this place! I have NEVER been treated so rudely or apathetically in all my life! If Satan and Judge Judy produced a love child; it would be this company. This company is in existence solely to make you suffer for sins committed in a past life. There... Read more

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ibeen waiting for more then 14days for my engine, the stuff was really rude calling me names and what not i poke to a guy name gabe or gabriel no manners these company shoundnt be in business iwill never buy an engine from them they suck as a company and the personal are really rude and unproffesional. Igive them negative 5 stars if there such rating thats how bad they are i do not recommend them at all i own a shop in vista california , I... Read more

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An engine I negotiated from $1995 to $1745 suddenly sold hours before I attempted to buy it after it was there for a week. They tried to sell me another engine with 20K more miles than the first engine for $1995; even though I was informed the day before the first engine was the only one they had. I asked to pay less or at least the same as the first one ($1745) since the second engine had more miles. They sent a quote again for $1995 stating I... Read more

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Southwest Engines - (AGAINST SW ENGINES in tulsa ok)misadvertised
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I purchased a used 5.9l dodge ram engine that was advertised on their website picture on a pallet very clean with 70,000 miles(was supposed to be an actual picture of the 70k engine which is the only reason why i bought it) for $1100 after them taking the payment things instantly went sour. 3 days later i call to ask for a tracking number to the engine that i bought that was in a pallet clean and ready to be shipped and instead i got a yelling... Read more

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A few months ago I purchased an engine for my 2007 ford ranger engine runs great but noticed a hair line Crack in the oil pan also southwest engines has terrible customer service spelled my last name wrong and I told the guy and he said are you serious I only missed one letter and hung up. Do not recommend southwest engines at all.

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I purchase an Hyundai Sonata Gls engine in October 2014, With a 3years warranty. It only lasted 1 1/2 years. We contacted SW Engines they first said it under warranty. Then I asked to make a claim they tben said it was not covered and stopped responding to my emails.

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For starters they promised me an extra 5 days if needed to put my engine in in order to get my warranty, when I called to request the extra 5 days they told me that they do not do that and that I only had my original 10 days and when I told them that I was going to get ahold of the Better Business Bureau he just voided my warranty and hung up on me, they lied about that and I missed the deadline by two days which is probably just as well... Read more

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Do not buy a engine from these people there a ripoff they don't tell u anything over the phone they lie

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PLEASE,,, DO NOT do business with these people. Scott Green is the worst person to deal with if you can get ahold of him or if he doesn't hang up on you. Took me 3 months to get correct engine, then I had to pay an extra $1200 to my mechanic for them to break down the first engine at the request of SW engines just for them to tell SWW engines that the motor bad and all the pistons were burned up. I was told by SW engines " to bad, not going to... Read more

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